TrainByGame is a comprehensive product knowledge training solution. We create innovate ways to help retail associates learn and more importantly, retain selling point knowledge for your products.

How It Works:

TrainByGame is guided by the phrase "Learn it once, learn it twice, learn it three times, know it forever."

Associates begin learning about your product by playing a game. We custom develop a game for your product in order to maximize its impact on sales associates.

As associates take the quiz online they reinforce and re-learn the material. Each question page, whether answered correctly or incorrectly is followed by a page that gives the correct answer and an explanation of why it is correct. Each associates' score is stored in a database that can be reviewed by department, store, or regional managers as necessary.

Every time the associate talks about your product with a customer in the store, they re-visit and re-learn its selling points again and again, ensuring that they can demonstrate why your product is better than your competitors'.

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